Autistic mums face stigma, misunderstanding

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Savannah Pocock

Imagine that you are a teenager lying on a hospital bed receiving an ultra-sound because your doctor thought that may you have some ovarian cysts.

Suddenly, the nurse’s eyebrows furrow as she hurriedly turns the screen away from view.

Naturally, you freak out. ‘What is it?’ you ask the nurse.

She tells you everything is okay, turns off the screen and leaves the room.

After what feels like a decade, the nurse re-enters the room and tells you that you need to meet with your doctor,

Please involve the autism community in creating a National Autism Strategy

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Subject: Please involve the autism community in creating a National Autism Strategy.
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2022 13:31:52 +1000
From: Bob Buckley (A4 Convenor) <>
To: The Hon. Mr. Shorten MP <>
CC: Senator Carol Brown <>, ...

Dear The Hon. Bill Shorten MP

I am concerned by a report that your Government is planning to start the task of writing a brief "National Autism Strategy" without properly consulting and involving the broader autism community. Please do not do this.

National autism strategy in the pipeline, with both Coalition and Labor committing to plan

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Australia is set to develop a national autism strategy regardless of who wins the federal election — a move that has been welcomed as a "good start" to changing community attitudes ;to children and young people with a disability.

Key points:

  • A parliamentary committee recommended an autism strategy after examining services, support and life outcomes for people with the condition
  • Both Labor and the Coalition have committed to introducing a strategy if elected on May 21
  • Advocates say a national strategy is a good start but more needs to be done

Earlier this year, a parliamentary committee that examined the services, support and life outcomes for people with autism recommended the establishment of a national strategy.

How autistic NDIS recipients could solve our cybersecurity skills gap

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Tess Bennett

Autistic NDIS recipients are willing and able to work but fear if they get a job and lose it they will be ineligible for any future financial support from the scheme, a disabled rights activist says.

Rhett Ellis is an autistic entrepreneur with an interest in technology and cybersecurity who has lobbied the government to introduce autistic employment programs.

Government agency accused of being 'at war with those it should be supporting' as appeals against NDIS cuts spike

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Kaden McCarthy, 10, lives with autism and has difficulty using and interpreting verbal and non-verbal communication.

Key points:

  • There has been a big increase in the number of NDIS participants reporting their plans are being slashed
  • Lawyers say they cannot keep up with the demand for assistance and the appeals system is congested
  • The government says the increase in appeals reflects the overall growth in the NDIS

Free Webinar: What's in the Senate Inquiry Report on Autism?

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The Australian Autism Alliance is holding a webinar on Tuesday 29 March (from 12.15pm-1.00pm) at which Chair of the Select Committee, Senator The Hon. Hollie Hughes, and Deputy Chair, Senator The Hon. Carol Brown will outline the report’s key findings and recommendations.

A4's Monique Blakemore will be chairing.

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