A4 is ...

  • a national grassroots organisation for people with autism/ASD, their families and other associates
  • focussed on the development and promotion of national Autism Spectrum Disorder policy and priorities
  • an network of people using e-mail and the internet for communication
  • concerned primarily with the 'big picture' issues
  • conducting activities that target autism/ASD awareness and policy in the federal government.
  • acting to complement the work of the Australian Advisory Board on Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • a small step in a long process

Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia (A4) formed in response to growing demands from people with an autism spectrum condition and their families who wanted more direct involvement in raising the profile of autism-related issues with decision-makers, government and through the media. A4's advocacy gives voice at national level for individuals and groups involved with autism/ASD across Australia.

A4's current convenor is Bob Buckley

A4 is not ...

  • an autism/ASD support group (A4's focus is systemic advocacy)
  • a protest group
  • advocating at the State or Territory level
  • an e-mail list, chat group or on-line forum ... it uses technologies for advocacy
  • a cure for Autism


On Sunday, 1st September 2002, a small group of people interested in forming a national, grassroots autism spectrum (including Asperger's) advocacy organisation met in Albury, NSW. The meeting decided to form such an organisation and that it should be called "Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia" ... known as A4 for short.

A steering committee was formed. Judy Brewer-Fischer was A4's initial Convenor.

Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia (A4) launched at 5pm on Tuesday, 12th November 2002, at the Inaugural World Autism Congress 2002.

The launch included a comprehensive briefing about the roles and aims of A4.