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Subject: A4's support to develop the National Autism Strategy [SEC=OFFICIAL]
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2023 07:27:28 +0000
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Hello Bob

I would like to thank A4 for their support to develop the National Autism Strategy (the Strategy) through participation in the EOI process to seek nominations for community and sector representatives for the National Autism Strategy Oversight Council and Working Groups, and preparation of the research papers – Lessons Learnt for an National Autism Strategy, and Autism in Australia Data and Sources – to inform the national consultation process for the Strategy. A4’s papers have been provided to the National Autism Strategy Oversight Council.

DSS has used A4’s papers to inform development of a Discussion Paper – What we have heard: Moving towards development of a National Autism Strategy -  which will be published on Engage DSS ( on 4 September 2023. The Discussion Paper will be used to support the national consultation process and it will be open for public submissions until late October 2023. The paper outlines what the autistic community, the autism and disability sector, researchers and professionals, and the broader community have already shared. This will help reduce consultation fatigue and remove the need to ask the autistic community to retell their stories, test the evidence already available, and provide an opportunity for those who have not yet had their say to be engaged.

DSS is happy for A4 to publish the papers, if you wish to do so.

Further information about development of the Strategy, including how people can be involved, is available at: If you have any questions please contact AAA, Director, Autism Policy Team or BBB, Assistant Director, Autism Policy Team.

Thank you again.

xxx (she/her)
Branch Manager
Disability Support Branch
Department of Social Services

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