Discussion of federal government policy and issues with government awareness of ASD-related issues.

Chronic Disease Dental Scheme

By lmbmcb |

Hi, I have 2 kids with Aspergers and we only just found out about the Dental Scheme. We are in the middle of getting our paper work done and have now found out that the Gov. is going to scrap the plan. If you already have a plan in place before 8th Sep you can still get assistance until 1st Dec. My kids will only be half way through their treatment by then. They are in constant pain due to severe dental issues and we will be unable to pay for the rest of their treatment. How can they leave children in pain and not allow them to finish their treatment?

Help end discrimination at Murdoch University!

By rhbeecham |
Hi everybody! Could you please sign my two petitions to help ensure that disabled students at Murdoch University receive equal treatment? Your voice counts and together we can ensure that all students receive the same opportunities to learn! [url=http://www.petitiononline.com/murdoch/] Petition Online Petition [/url]


By Annemaree |

I am very concerned the NDIS Will not support Parents/Carers of adults with Autism/Aspergers there seems to be fundamental flaws in the NDIS answers to questions on how system is monitored who will supply support how it will be introduced in rural areas and how eligibilty is determined Have gone unanswered by the supporters of a NDIS.

World Autism Awareness Day April 2, 2011

By stef6angelz |

Just to let Australia know, here in Perth, there was nothing noted in the nightly news on any of the commercial channels or a mention in the newspapers to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day. Nor was there an acknowledgement that April is now Autism Awareness Month (not May as in previous years) and to make matters worse, the iconic bell tower on the Swan River in Perth, malfunctioned and didn't "light it up blue" for the worldwide campaign created by Autism Speaks. Not even the prominent newspaper, The Australian, printed a single word.

60 Minutes Segment on Martin Bryant pushes Autism Spectrum Disorders Back into the Dark Ages

By michelle |

I am appealing to all members and advocates to urgently discuss the segment on Martin Bryant televised by Channel 9's 60 Minute program on Sunday evening, 27th February 2011, with a view to formulating appropriate responses to address several issues.

Transcripts of program segments are usually available on-line, however I am unaware of whether these transcripts are complete or if they have been edited.

My concerns include the following:-

Liberal Party - Vote for to encourage them to Increase Autism Funding to $50,000pa per child for 2 years

By Broniors |

I was recently sent this from the 1000 hours campaign. Please consider voting for this to encourage the Liberal party to increase funding for early intervention


Info for Emergency Personnel (First Responders) to children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders

By Anonymous (not verified) |

Hi.  Not sure if I have posted this topic in the correct spot, but here goes...


I would like to see something available nationally that covers every State and Territory of Australia with respect to first responders (emergency personnel) that will allow them to better serve individuals within their communities affected by hidden disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorders.


There's so much available from America, but I haven't seen anything specific for here such as:-