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Senate Committee Review now open until 27 February 2017

By Greg |

I have only just joined, and hope this is appropriate for the forum. I have 2 children with ASD, 1 a participant with an un-finalised plan. The other a participant but waiting for an Early Intervention LAC to be contracted. Both are currently unfunded, mainly due to NDIS issues. I will be initiating Medicare GP health plans in the new year as stop gap measure. The following link is for the next Senate Committee review on PROVISION OF SERVICES UNDER THE NDIS FOR PEOPLE WITH PSYCHOSOCIAL DISABILITIES RELATED TO A MENTAL HEALTH CONDITION.

NDIS evaluation

By bobb |

The NDIS* is underway in some initial "trial sites". A4 predictions/expectations are being realised (see http://a4.org.au/node/690). Reports from the trial sites relating to people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have been mixed, so far. Several people have raised concerns that their "planner" has little or no understanding of ASD. Their abysmal knowledge and experience has been a significant barrier to realising the goals of the NDIS.

  • What is your experience (email any comments you have to cnvnr@a4.org.au)?

Is Asperger's no longer a disability once you turn 16?

By abbott |

My son was diagnosed with Asperger's at 8 years. As it is on the recognised list of disabilities I was automatically eligible to receive Carer Allowance. As he will be turning 16 this year (and for some reason that means Centrelink consider him an adult) I have been sent review forms. After reading the forms, I can see he will not qualify as having an adult disability as he is mobile and can care for himself, as can most other 15 year olds. He has come a long way, but still has the obvious Asperger traits and still needs a lot of emotional support.

Government changes Disability Support Pension criteria

By bobb |

Under the new rules a person claiming DSP after 3 September 2011 will need to have a single severe impairment worth at least 20 or more points to qualify for DSP. In effect, what this means is that the definition of a disability is being tightened to force more people onto Newstart Allowance. (see http://www.centreblog.com.au/2011/08/06/disability-support-pensioners-u…) This type of "reform" has failed before (see http://www.smh.com.au/national/welfarecrackdown-misses-targets-20100310…)

$30pw increase not enough

By AspieAdvocate |

I am a 61-year-old single woman diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome last year. After my public housing rent is deducted from my disability pension, I am left with just under $200 a week to try and live on. I've managed to get a couple of hours work a week which boosts my income to that of a single age pensioner. I dread losing the bit of work I have. Life does not get easier as you get older if you have a disability. Particularly when you need to stay in an expensive city because of access to disability support services.

Carers Card

By lauralewisL |

I am very frustrated that once again something is too hard - is this something other people have found.  You have to fight to get information, fight to get seen my a specialist, fight for the rights of your child to attend mainstream school.  Everything is a battle.  The latest is the new Carer's card which I excitedly applied for and excitedly received and excitedly put in my wallet.  I believed as per the website it would be accepted wherever the pension card would be accepted.  Ha ha ha.  Now can someome please tell all the businesses that accept the pension