Carers Card

Submitted by lauralewisL on Tue, 7/10/2008 - 22:20

I am very frustrated that once again something is too hard - is this something other people have found.  You have to fight to get information, fight to get seen my a specialist, fight for the rights of your child to attend mainstream school.  Everything is a battle.  The latest is the new Carer's card which I excitedly applied for and excitedly received and excitedly put in my wallet.  I believed as per the website it would be accepted wherever the pension card would be accepted.  Ha ha ha.  Now can someome please tell all the businesses that accept the pension card that this is the case.


I suspect you are referring to the new Carers Card recently launched in QLD.  I too got excited and applied for the card, then duly went out to try it one Friday evening at Red Rooster who said they'd not heard. It was after a second occasion where they knew nothing about the Card (but they did honour it when they checked the website and found themselves there on it) that I emailed ''via the website and was contacted within the day to apologise. They indicated that the Card was still in the early phase of introduction. When you search the internet database you will see that there are not as many businesses part of the Carer Scheme as there are in the Seniors Card scheme. Hi Ho... Apparently there will be a Locality Booklet introduced soon. In the meantime I did an internet search and did my own list up! Haven't tested the card again.

I also approached a local business to ask if they would join the scheme as they advertised quite openly that they provided discounts to people with the Seniors Card and a range of Centrelink cards. I got an interesting reply back saying that I could receive a concession IF I worked for a disability organisation and had a Photo ID! I emailed back a little more information about Parents/Carers and encouraged them to again consider the Carer Business Discount Card. I have not heard from them since. 

Will certainly keep an eye on this matter!

I have only tried it once in my town and that was for tyres and was told the discount was not for tyres but for other services. That is okay but why not print what the discount is for in the carers card web site, would that not make more sense.

Yes Like the other comments I tried to use the card at Red Rooster and was told the same thing. I contacted Card services and received a phone call that same day. I have since tried to use my card at many places and have been told in many different tones that if I am not a senior then NO.

I have a question. It seems that we carers don't really matter to the business, What do other people think?

Cathy Aitken

Tue, 11/11/2008 - 12:33

Since the 7th October when this comment was posted, I should hope that a BUSINESS DISCOUNT DIRECTORY FOR SENIORS AND CARERS 2008-09 has been received at the same address as that of your card.

I empathise with your daily struggles - it's a common bond we share.  I hope you receive the help you need. I recommend Carers Australia for their small groups and free counselling service.  Take it easy.

I'm from Far North Queensland Region and have recently received a copy of my Region's directory.  I appreciate the businesses who participate in this scheme.

To search for discounts (Queensland), please follow this link: