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A4 wrote to The Hon. Mr. Shorten MP about the especially poor labour force participation (employment) of people with autism spectrum disorders. We referred to the report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics that shows outcomes for people with autism are significantly worse than the outcomes people with a disability generally and Australia's indigenous population experience.

We provided the Minister with a recent example of a person with severe autism trying to access a supported employment service.

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On 27/9/2012, A4 received a letter from the Chief of Staff on the office of The Hon Kate Ellis MP, Minister for Employment Participation.

The letter shows the Gillard Government's usual disrespect for the plight of people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (PwASD): the letter shows the Government includes PwASD as just a part of the wider group, "people with a disability, including autism"; the Government refuses to recognise that PwASD experience substantially worse outcomes than PwD generally. This refusal to recognise PwASD have distinct needs that are not met through the services the Government provides for PwD generally. This discrimination by the Australian Government against PwASD clearly contributes to abysmal outcomes such as those in the Australian Bureau of Statistic report (see

The Government denies there is anything wrong with the services it designed ... despite frequent reports to the contrary.

Australia's federal Government simply refuses to listen and simply ignores the needs of its most vulnerable citizens.

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The letter was very interesting. It shows Gillard Government's some disrespect but in my opinion it is deserved. Australia's federal Government needs to start listening to what people have to say.