Students with ADHD, autism receive compensation payouts for discrimination

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Schools have paid compensation to students suspended for misbehaviour after litigious parents took discrimination complaints to the Australian Human Rights Commission.

The AHRC fielded 111 complaints about schools breaching the Disability Discrimination Act last year, compared to 79 in 2022.

about Inklings

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Heidi La Paglia Reid

So in the neurodivergent space lately, everyone is talking ⭐️Inklings⭐️

If you don’t know, the context is that the Federal Labor government committed $14.8 million last week to a trial in South Australia which is: “designed to provide crucial assistance to parents and caregivers in understanding the needs of infants between the ages of six to 18 months who exhibit early signs of autism.”

As stated on the official website, “The Inklings Program has been developed over a decade by an international team of health professionals and researchers interested in reducing disability associated with autism.”

What the Australian National Autism Strategy Needs to Achieve to Make It Meaningful To Autistic People:

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Nicholas Eugene Glover
Autistic Elder: National Autistic Community Connect Developer.

Hopefully, sometime in March 2024, the Government will release its Draft Autism Strategy document. This Strategy will affect more than half a million Autistic lives (2024).

The U.K. released their first National Strategy in 2010. So we are a fair way behind in this regard. Hence, the Australian Autism Strategy needs to be sound, transparent, very well-thought-out, well funded, and ambitious. Autistic people need to have the opportunity to review the Draft Strategy.