Waiting for the eruption: Why our autistic son had to leave to save our family

Tony Carr

It was a normal Saturday morning.

I was preparing to drive down to the local shop with my then 16-year-old autistic son Brandon to buy the newspaper and an ice cream.

Brandon looked forward to his weekend treat from dad and I enjoyed our little outing.

But this didn't turn out to be any normal Saturday morning.

Just before we were about to head out to the car, Brandon attacked his mother Joan with such ferocity it took me completely off guard.

Should this neighbour have complained about an autistic boy?

Madeleine Ryan

Expressing our emotional needs can be a tricky business. I’m autistic, and I know that it can take a lot of work. And, as Brisbane mother and full-time carer Magenta Quinn learned late last month, a neighbour demanding peace and quiet can be harder to help than a child on the autism spectrum.

Ms Quinn’s neighbour, who "wished to remain anonymous to avoid any conflict", threatened to call the council if something wasn't done about her autistic son, who hums, moans and yelps to soothe himself.

Perth childcare worker smacked, put soap in mouth to punish six-year-old child with autism

coloured soap bars

Tom Wildie

Three childcare workers have been stripped of their accreditation, with one convicted of assault, after a six-year-old child with autism was smacked and had soap put in their mouth as a form of punishment.

Kathleen Burton was charged with aggravated common assault after the incident on December 14 last year.

Connor Pangallo, who has Asperger Syndrome, hated school growing up — but now he’s heading to Flinders Uni

Conner facing the camera - wearing a cat mask pushed up on his forehead

Tim Williams

HE was dux of his Year 12 class, is starting a double degree in law and international relations, and wants to be a prosecutor — yet as a young boy growing up with Asperger’s, Connor Pangallo couldn’t stand school.

    CONNOR Pangallo was dux of his Year 12 class, is embarking on a double degree in law and international relations, and has his sights set on becoming a prosecutor.

    NZ: He's not naughty - so why is he behaving like that?

    Jane Smith

    Autism! We've all heard the word, but what is Autism and how much do we really know and understand about it?

    For kiwi father James Smith, bringing a unique book to New Zealand to promote the understanding and awareness of Autism was a way of helping others like his son Zachary (6) who was diagnosed as being on the Autism spectrum when he was just three years old.

    NDIS Woes


    Rollout nightmare as struggling mum locked in to wrong plan

      HEAR ME: Yamanto mum Rhonda Utz with her kids Hayden and Shyanne. The family has benefited from the NDIS but also faced challenges in the planning process.

      MUM Rhonda Utz struggles with everyday tasks like doing the groceries.

      The Yamanto mum is completely blind in one eye and has two high-needs adult children.

      The battle for benefits: people with disabilities fight back against broken system

      two people smoking near a Centrelink sign

      Jeremy Poxon, Media Officer for the Unemployed Australian Worker's Union

      Record numbers of Disability Support Pension applicants are having their claims rejected, often against the explicit advice of doctors. With nothing left to lose, some are choosing to fight.

      After two years of failed applications for the Disability Support Pension — as well as numerous appeals — Quang Huynh, a 30-year-old Dandenong man, decided he’d had enough.

      Autistic teen’s noises prompt letter from anonymous neighbour

      Jasmin Lill

      A BRISBANE mum says she was shocked to receive an anonymous letter from a neighbour complaining about noises coming from her autistic son.

      Magenta Quinn found the letter at her Mount Ommaney home on Monday.

      “When you moved in we heard these strange moaning and shouting coming from your garden every day and night, for which we were concerned may be illegal activities, so we contacted the police who in turn have visited your premises,” the letter said.

      Georgia and the NDIS

      Jason Clare MP portrait - official photograph

      The Hon Jason Clare MP
      Member for Blaxland
      Speech: 12 Feb 2018

      Tonight I want to talk about a beautiful little girl who lives in my electorate named Georgia.

      Georgia is 9 and she has multiple disabilities.  She has autism, epilepsy and profound global development delay.

      Georgia can’t dress herself, or brush her teeth or comb her hair.  She can’t shower on her own.

      She has to wear a nappy 24 hours a day.  

      She has to wear a onesie - otherwise she will put her hands in her nappy and smear faeces around the house.

      NDIS transition could see children with severe disabilities withdrawn from out-of-home care

      mother holds young daughter - they both look sad

      There is a related petition you can sign:

      Jade Macmillan

      Parents of children with severe disabilities in NSW are "terrified" they could lose access to around-the-clock care due to a funding stoush between the State Government and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

      About 1,000 children with disabilities access voluntary out-of-home care across the state, including overnight respite services and residential placements.

      Police who shot teen made 'good choices' to protect themselves, Commissioner says

      thoughtful teenager boy's face

      Talissa Siganto

      Queensland's Police Commissioner says he backs the officers who shot a teenager in the chest after a domestic dispute on Wednesday afternoon.

      Jai Hunt, 16, was allegedly threatening police officers with a knife when they arrived at his home in Springfield, south-west of Brisbane.

      The Police Union maintains officers had no option but to shoot Jai.

      Kids incarcerated in Australia have 'alarming' levels of neurodevelopmental impairment

      An alarming world-first study into the cognitive abilities of young people in detention in Australia has found evidence of severe neurodevelopmental impairment in almost every child assessed.

      Researchers from the Telethon Kids Institute assessed 99 children aged 10 to 17 incarcerated at the Banksia Hill Detention Centre in Western Australia. The findings uncovered an unprecedented prevalence of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and severe neurodevelopmental impairment.

      WA: Albany to trial autism alert card

      Saskia Adysti

      Albany will be the first town in Australia to trial an autism alert card.

      The card will help authorities and emergency service providers to better understand people with autistic behaviour, as most patients find it difficult to communicate with others about their disability, particularly during an emergency.

      The card will also have two emergency contact numbers of the card holder.

      Great Southern Police District Superintendent Dominic Wood said the card would provide better security to those with autism.


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