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The autism advantage - why businesses are hiring autistic people

Submitted by bobb on Mon, 8/8/2022 - 16:35

When Chris Varney was in Year 2 he presented his teacher with an incredibly detailed visual chart of the royal families of Europe from the 14th to the 19th century.

“I just felt I had found a new way of seeing the last millennium. No wonder we have so many revolutions and conflict, these families were way too connected, small community, completely out of touch,” he quips during his TED talk Autism: How my unstoppable mother proved the experts wrong.

‘Fighting for her voice’: mother locked in legal battle with NDIS over daughter’s talker

Submitted by bobb on Sun, 31/7/2022 - 10:53

Melanie Stephens is caught up in Administrative Appeals Tribunal case after being denied funding for a device to help Ella communicate

A Victorian mother is locked in a battle with the National Disability Insurance Agency over her daughter’s “voice”. At least that’s how Melanie Stephens describes the “talker” device her daughter Ella has been using for four years.

Ella, 11, lives with autism and the rare genetic syndrome cri du chat (5p-), which causes delayed physical development and intellectual disability. She is non-verbal.

First-of-its-kind guideline to improve supports for autistic children and families

Submitted by bobb on Sun, 24/7/2022 - 14:04

Anna Christian

Autism CRC, an independent national research organisation focusing on best practice in relation to autism, has released a draft version of the first ever Australian national guideline to supporting autistic children and their families.

Once finalised, the National Guideline for supporting the learning, participation, and wellbeing of autistic children and their families in Australia will be used to ensure children can access the safe and effective supports that they want.

Autistic mums face stigma, misunderstanding

Submitted by bobb on Thu, 30/6/2022 - 13:24

Savannah Pocock

Imagine that you are a teenager lying on a hospital bed receiving an ultra-sound because your doctor thought that may you have some ovarian cysts.

Suddenly, the nurse’s eyebrows furrow as she hurriedly turns the screen away from view.

Naturally, you freak out. ‘What is it?’ you ask the nurse.

She tells you everything is okay, turns off the screen and leaves the room.

Perth psychologist Agni Angelkovska suspended after professional misconduct finding

Submitted by bobb on Sat, 18/6/2022 - 13:12

Ryan Young

A psychologist who threw water at a 12-year-old boy with autism and said older students would pummel him has learnt her fate.

A Perth psychologist who was allowed to continue working despite receiving a conviction for assaulting a child with autism in 2014 has finally been suspended from practising.

Australian Autism Alliance - scorecard for the 2022 Federal Election

Submitted by convenor on Fri, 13/5/2022 - 12:17

Federal Election 2022 – Scorecard Major Parties new commitments to Shifting the Dial on Autism

The Australian Autism Alliance (Alliance) welcomes the commitment from the Coalition, Labor and the Greens to introduce a new National Autism Strategy in the next term of Parliament. The Alliance believe this will be critical in shaping the future policy agenda and help improve the life outcomes of hundreds of thousands of Autistic Australians.