This study explores how the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can best ensure that people with behaviours of concern are offered choice and control in the emerging disability support market.


Using the experiences of two provider organisations – Anglicare Tasmania and Optia – the research examines what is involved in providing support for people with behaviours of concern. Behaviours of concern can include verbal and physical aggression, damage to property and vehicles and self injurious behaviours. Behaviours of concern are often volatile and can change from day-to-day.

2015: National Autism Centre (USA) review of ASD interventions 0-22yo

People who are prepared to read a "new review and analysis of interventions for autism spectrum disorder (ASD)" can find one to download here:

This project is designed to give educators, parents, practitioners, and organizations the information and resources they need to make informed choices about effective interventions that will offer children and adults on the spectrum the greatest hope for their future.

Submission to Review of Australia's Welfare

front coverA4 submitted the report below to the Australian Government's Review of Australia’s Welfare System.

A4's report highlights that ... 

  • people with autism want to work and are capable of working. The problem is that employers, including governments in Australia, simply do not employ people with autism,
  • describing people with disability as "leaners", or as "rorters, bludgers, slackers, etc." does not improve employment outcomes,
  • growth in Disability Support Pensions is not even as big as growth in autism diagnoses ... so there is no real welfare crisis, but growth in the number of people diagnosed with autism deserves much more attention, and
  • Australia's welfare compared to GDP is below average for the OECD so Australia's welfare system is sustainable at present and is not heading towards being unsustainable, as the current Government claims.

Really? ACT Government report on ASD given "fail" grade

A review of the ACT Government's latest report on services for people affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) gives the ACT Government a "fail".

Executive Summary

The Legislative Assembly asked the ACT Government to report on “support provided for autism diagnosis and services and the potential for further reforms”. The Minister presented the report to the Assembly in May 2013. Following numerous requests, the Minister gave a copy of the report to representative of people affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) on 23/4/2014. The Minister took 11 months to hand over a copy of the report to the ASD community in the ACT.

This review of that report finds that the ACT Government's information about ASD and the service and support needs of people affected by ASD is often incorrect. For example, the report under-estimates the number of Australian children diagnosed with ASD by an enormous factor of three (3).

assessed: the National Commission of Audit's disability related recommendations - fail

The National Commission of Audit today released it recommendations (see The recommendation relevant to disability follow, with a short commentary.

Recommendation 16: The National Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a worthy scheme with widespread community support. The Commission recommends the Commonwealth continue to support the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, but that the scheme be implemented in a way which is fiscally sustainable by:


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