By bobb | Tue, 16/9/2014 - 08:44

A Government official (signature indecipherable), not the Assistant Minister, replied to A4's letter (see about Disability Support Pension and measures in the 2014-15 Federal Budget.

The Government's response is disappointing. It ignores the issues that A4 raised.

In its response the Government says that:

  • Their "process ensures that the system is fair and equitable"; but the outcomes that the ABS reports show clearly that employment outcomes are not "fair and equitable" so the Government's process fails to ensure any such outcome.
  • it "recognises the barriers that many people with disability face when trying to find and keep work" yet it plans to severely penalise people with disability who fail to crash through those barriers; so there is very little real "recognition" from Government.
  • it is "continuing to provide and essential safety net for people [with ASD] who are unable to fully support themselves" ... but the data shows that the Government's alleged "safety net" leaves Australia with the worst poverty levels for people with a disability in the whole OECD, and evidence shows clearly that family and informal carers provide the safety net, not the Government.

... and so on.

The Government denies its inability and disinterest in people with ASD. 

People affected by autism spectrum disorder can be disappointed by the Government's response.


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