DHS support in Victoria for children with autism and no cognitive delay

Submitted by asdmum on Tue, 7/4/2009 - 09:44


In Dec 2008, DHS announced that it would broaden the eligibility for DHS funding to include children with autism and no cognitive delay. I was wondering whether anyone had tried for this funding and received anything? It seems that DHS is still trying to figure out how they will support this new client group, as all supports were previously geared towards children with a cognitive delay. It seemed a huge hallmark to have children with ASD but no cognitive delay recognized by DHS, but I'm still waiting to hear how in practice this is working.


This is a very good question. Hopefully DHS (Vic), Autism Victoria, AFSA and others will provide answers.

I expect A4 members in other states/territories will be very interested in answers.