By convenor | Sun, 25/11/2012 - 00:00

The Government committed to a Royal Commission on the abuse of children, for example ...

  1. Julia Gillard announces royal commission will probe child sex abuse
  2. Child abuse royal commission: Nicola Roxon
  3. Support groups inundated by Royal Commission
  4. ...

A4's submission (see link below) suggested either that the Terms of Reference be broad enough to include all/any abuse (including systemic neglect) of vulnerable people including children, or that the Government conduct a separate Inquiry into the neglect and abuse of vulnerable people, especially people with severe disability.

See also: Disabled youth more abused than others

In an effort to raise awareness of the issue, Bob Buckley sent a video question to the ABC's Q&A program (click here) ... but, despite having Stella Young on its panel, Q&A's host did not ask the question of the panel (as usual, see

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