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Submitted on Friday, 2 December, 2022 - 19:47

Title: Mr
First name: Bob
Family name: Buckley
Email address:
Subject: business/industry disability awareness
Tonight, on the ABC's The Drum, Andrew McKellar, Chamber of Commerce CEO said he was not aware employment participation rates for people with disability were a) so incredibly low, and b) had not improved much in 30 years.
How is this possible? How many people have failed in their jobs for this to happen on the eve of the International Day of People with Disability? Is it acceptable in Australia for him, in his position, to not know? Government cannot take him or his organisation seriously.
Niall Bair, NSW Minister for Primary Industry was equally uninformed. This is Not Good Enough.

Editorial - congratulations to Elly and El for getting the issue onto the mainstream media.