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A4's email to NDIS said ...

Thank you for the chance to comment. There are several things:

  1. the first focus area should be actually getting people with disability into jobs, especially lasting employment. The other items are steps along the way.
  2. the focus seems to be pretty internal. There needs to be much more thought given to motivating and working with external agencies to improved employment for people with disability.
    1. how does this strategy intersect with or include DEWR?
    2. can we get things like to include a disability section in all job ads? See below for more about this.
  3. more needs to be done about measuring progress and outcomes. This should be a strategy item.

It would be good if job ads like asked all advertisers to comment about suitability of jobs for people with disability. Things like whether a workplace is (or is considered) accessible. Does the employer have other people with disability in the organisation? Is a job open to people with intellectual disability, environmental sensitivities or other disability-related issues? A section like this could be optional for each job ad (or some of it may relate to an employer generally), but having it there would encourage job advertisers to use it. Not using it might send its own message - employment practice and culture around disability might be improved. It would benefit both job advertisers and job seekers. It could increase the visibility of disability employment substantially.

It might also improve data collection for workforce planning and development - which employment sectors are effective and which need work, etc.?

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