By bobb | Mon, 31/5/2021 - 15:54
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Initiatives for people with complex and enduring mental illness

More than 690,000 Australians live with complex and enduring mental illness such as psychotic illnesses, personality disorders, bipolar disorder or severe and persistent depression and anxiety. People living with complex and enduring mental illness can experience a range of poorer health and social outcomes which can be driven by stigma and discrimination from the broader community.

72% of people living with complex mental illness... said that stigma about mental health issues had led to them avoiding important opportunities for connection such as socialising, making new friends, dating and having intimate relationships. 43% said they had been most affected by stigma in their workplace.

We encourage you to read the full mental health and suicide prevention budget available on our website to understand the following information in context.

Key budget initiatives for people with complex and enduring mental illness:

  • $171.3 million to ensure continued access to Commonwealth psychosocial support services for 2 years, from 2021–22, under a single consolidated program.
  • $11.1 million to improve the experience of and outcomes for people with complex mental health needs, including cognitive disability and autism, through a range of targeted initiatives. This includes:
    • funding for SANE Australia to pilot specialised mental health services and interventions for people with complex mental health needs,
    • additional training and education for the mental health workforce to better meet the needs of people with cognitive disability and autism.



Prioritising Mental Health (Pillar 4) – Supporting vulnerable Australians

In response to the Productivity Commission and the National Suicide Prevention Adviser’s reports, the Australian Government has committed $107 million to support vulnerable Australians’ access to effective, equitable and culturally appropriate mental suicide prevention package.

Investment will go towards key initiatives such as: