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Minister Reynolds has the NDIA and disability representatives working on rebuilding trust. The NDIA and some parts of the disability sector seem to think this is just about recent conduct.

For the autism sector, there are deeper issues from the outset.

Here is a letter from  A4 to the Minister briefly describing some of the history and issues.

Our impression is that you and the NDIA feel trust was lost over the recent so-called Independent Assessment fiasco. Be assured that matter is just the tip of the distrust iceberg. Even the broader matter of draft legislative changes to the NDIS Act are just the latest aspects of the rift in relations. The NDIA’s CEO wrote to the community claiming, “The tools have been designed to assess the capability of people with disability and used all over the world for many years”. This claim is false: there is no such tool in relation to autism. The NDIA ignored A4’s objection to such the CEO’s widely-distributed incorrect claim. It’s not just that we did not want the so-called IAs, it’s the frequent misinformation and secrecy that is how the NDIA does its business. Clearly, we can trust the NDIA to refuse to consider our concerns.

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