By convenor | Wed, 14/10/2020 - 15:36

The NDIA’s Independent Advisory Council (IAC) published a report to the NDIA titled Promoting best practice in early childhood early intervention (March 2020) Paper, herein referred to as the IAC’s Advice. The website says the IAC gave this advice to the NDIA Board.


In conclusion, the IAC’s Advice to the NDIA Board on early intervention for children with disability rejects and dismisses the substantial research that shows clearly the distinct and mostly unmet needs of autistic children. It aims to solve misconceptions, problems that do not actually exist, being that:

  1. the NDIS cannot sustain evidence-based early intervention for autistic children, and
  2. most NDIS participants, especially parents of autistic children, want unreasonable and unnecessary supports.

It attacks and undermines the needs of autistic children. It promotes small short-term savings that result in substantially higher long-term costs; it is contrary to “insurance principles”.

The IAC members simply lack the expertise to develop or endorse this report. Their endorsement discredits the IAC.

The full report is available below.

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