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A4 asked for information about the NDIA's Independent Assessment Pilot (IAP). Specifically, A4's reqauest was for:

  1. the final or outcomes report in full for the initial NDIA Independent Assessment Pilot (IAP) that ran from November 2018 to April 2019.
  2. the instructions/guidance given to the independent assessors describing what assessments they should provide and the NDIA's purpose in seeking these assessments. Please provide instructions given generally to all assessors about their role in the IAP; we are not requesting any instructions relating to individual assessments. Do not provide this separately if it is already included in (1) above.
  3. the information and document(s) that justifies and/or requests the continuance of the IAP after April 2019, that is the basis for the decision to continue the IAP for the period Nov 2019 to June 2020. Do not provide this separately if it is already included in (1) above.
  4. the information provided to NDIA decision makers used to inform their decision on 19/3/2020 to discontinue the IAP.

The NDIA had published a one page summary - see Pilot statistics and insights (76KB PDF)

The NDIA's FoI Decision (link below) indicates (Schedule of Documents, page 5) that no actual analysis report was produced - there was an "Evaluation report" that is part of a "deliberative process" report produced (using tax-payers money), but they are keeping that secret (they say it's protected/exempt from FoI under Section 47c of the Act).