By convenor | Sun, 10/2/2019 - 23:27

Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia (A4) wrote to Minister Fletcher and NDIS officials saying A4 is concerned that NDIS support for autistic participants is often inadequate.

Table E.10 in the NDIS Y6Q1 Quarterly Report shows again that close to 29% of NDIS participants are autistic. Figure E-5 from the report and a similar figure from The Australian (see both figures below) indicate to us that for autistic participants:

the NDIS’s target, the “expected average annualised committed support”, is about $37K;

the NDIS only achieved about $32K as its “actual average annualised committed support”; and

after allowing for equitable funding of intellectual disability among autistic NDIS participants, the average NDIS support for an autistic participants disability due to ASD is $4,700 p.a.

A4 feels that the NDIS target for supporting autistic people is surprisingly inadequate. See letters to the Minister and senior NDIS officials below.

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