ASD advocates in the ACT call to register behavioural clinicians

Speaking Out for Autism Spectrum Disorder (SOfASD), a local ASD advocacy group in the ACT, wrote to the ACT Minister for Education raising concerns about the lack if discernible progress with getting registered/certified behavioural service and support for autistic students in ACT schools. SOfASD asked for a meeting but the Minister's response ignored their request.

SOfASD is concerned that there has been no visible progress following the internationally infamous boy-in-a-blue-cage "incident" in 2015.

Their letter contains the following recommendations for the ACT Minister for Education ...

  1. SOfASD asks the ACT Government to ensure that its clinical staff behave more professionally and stop telling families of autistic children that “ABA does not work”.
  2. SOfASD asks that the ACT Government requests AHPRA to accredit behavioural clinicians in Australia.
  3. SOfASD recommends that the ACT Government ensures every school psychologist who is involved with autistic school students needing behavioural support in ACT schools is a certified behavioural clinician.