Ex-Australian cop flees Bali amid claims he offered to cure autism but had no medical training

A former Queensland police officer has left Bali amid allegations he was offering to cure children of autism and other diseases despite having no medical training.

Christopher William Savage returned to Amamoor in the Sunshine Coast hinterland after Indonesian medical authorities began investigating his activities last week, News Corp Australia reports

The anti-vax campaigner and former One Nation candidate is accused of providing intravenous infusions of Magnesium and a dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) for children with autism, people with blocked or calcified arteries and aorta, cancer and other ailments at a Bali clinic or in people's hotel rooms.

Indonesian authorities have threatened that if Mr Savage returns he will be investigated for allegedly breaching health laws and could face jail and be banned from re-entering the country.

Mr Savage has denied conducting the procedures, saying that he "oversaw" the treatment of people by a "specialist" who he would not identify.

The ex-police officer said he was conducting a business feasibility study in Bali that he was forced to abandon due to a campaign of lies orchestrated by the Australian Skeptics Group.

"No one got hurt. Certainly no one died, all were exceedingly happy but of course the way the world is they don't want to know how to heal people," Mr Savage said.

"I wasn’t doing medical procedures. All the medical procedures were done by people that were qualified and I was giving advice to these medically qualified people," he said.

Mr Savage reportedly arrived in Bali in August last year and began offering infusions of Magnesium chloride and DMSO.

In a series of videos that have since been removed from YouTube, he says that up to 16 IV bags of the substance, which cost $150 per bag, could be needed to cure disease.

Mr Savage claims the treatment can only be offered in Bali because pharmaceutical companies in the west "including Australia has been hijacked by criminal corporations and their minions.

Medical practitioners have said that there is no known situation in which both DMSO and Magnesium chloride would be administered to a patient simultaneously and intravenously.

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