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There is a new section (26/2/2016) on the NDIS website with links to new documents about early intervention generally and specifically about Autism Spectrum Disorder. Prof Roberts, this time with Prof. Williams, produced another report in the ongoing series of government reports about early intervention for autism.

Early childhood early intervention research

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Please note: the autism report above lists members of a what the NDIA calls "the stakeholder group" (that did not include anyone with ASD). The NDIA showed these documents to the so-called stakeholder group less than 24 hours before the NDIA released the documents publicly ... even though the Final Report on early intervention for autism is dated September 2015 (so the NDIA could have provided it to the so-called stakeholder group for comment and discussion well before they released it). Clearly, the so-called stakeholder group did not comment on, and most certainly did not endorse, any version of the report on early intervention for autism spectrum disorder (links above). 

While there were no significant changes from the first draft report that was shown to "the stakeholder group" to the Final Report, the only change from the Final Report dated September 2015 to the final Final Report that was finally released on the website was to change the September 2015 date to February 2016 on the title page (according to the Microsoft Word "compare documents" tool). 

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