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Review of the Lists of Recognised Disabilities

By Anonymous (not verified) | Sun, 1/1/2006 - 11:23

FaCS Review of  the Lists of Recognised Disabilities

Submission to this review ultimately resulted in Asperger's syndrome being added to the list (autism was already on the list). The main result is a simpler process for getting Carer's Allowance in relation to a child with Asperger's syndrome; and the outcome is longer-lasting.

Warnock U-turn on special schools

By bobb | Sat, 9/7/2005 - 00:00

Baroness admits to 'disastrous legacy' of problem children in mainstream teaching. Liz Lightfoot reports

Baroness Warnock, the educationalist whose report led to the drive to include children with special needs in mainstream classes, admitted yesterday that the policy had failed and left "a disastrous legacy".

She is urging the Government to carry out a "radical review" of the closure of special schools, which she said were better able to provide a reassuring and personal environment for emotionally vulnerable pupils than large mainstream classes.

"Governments must come to recognise that, even if inclusion is an ideal for society in general, it may not always be an ideal for schools," she said. "I think it has gone too far. It was a sort of bright idea of the 1970s but by now it has become a kind of mantra and it really isn't working."

Inquiry into mental health

By convenor | Wed, 4/5/2005 - 15:00

The Senate asked its Select Committee on Mental Health to conduct a broad inquiry into mental health services and issues. The details of the inquiry: terms of reference, contacts, etc. can be found at

Issues A4 members raised in our submission (see…) include:

Silent plea at Parliament to help autism sufferers

By bobb | Thu, 30/9/2004 - 00:00

By Danielle Cronin
Health Reporter, Canberra Times

A "silent plea" went out yesterday for political parties to improve the lot of people with autism, as well as that of their families and carers.

More than 600 chairs, bearing the photographs of people with autism and related syndromes, were set up outside Parliament House in the "first national silent plea" for members of autism families.

The wife of former deputy prime minister Tim Fischer and mother of Harrison, said the event would fire up advocacy groups like never before.

Inquiry into the Disability Discrimination Act 1992

By Anonymous (not verified) | Wed, 14/7/2004 - 15:00

Productivity Commission Inquiry into the Disability Discrimination Act 1992

Our efforts were not particularly successful with this inquiry.
The submissions relating to autism or ASD are: 28, 104, 168, 223, 279 and 282.
Submissions that mention "autism" or "Asperger" are: 38, 44, 74, 86, 91, 99, 115, 148, 155, 182, 219 and 220.

Inquiry into the Education of Students with Disabilities

By Anonymous (not verified) | Sun, 1/12/2002 - 16:00

The Senate Employment, Workplace Relations and Education Reference Committee Inquiry into the Education of Students with Disabilities (see reported in December 2002.