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the Bercow Review: NAS response

By bobb | Wed, 1/10/2008 - 11:19

The Bercow review, published today, has confirmed what many parents of children with autism have been telling us: provision for children with speech, language and communication needs is inadequate and must improve.

We strongly welcome Bercow's crucial emphasis on early identification and intervention and support his call for an assessment process and better speech and language services. It is also imperative that parents get the right support to understand both the needs of their child and what help is available to them.

UN co-chairs autism awareness campaign

By bobb | Tue, 30/9/2008 - 12:22

The United Nations today co-launched a conference on autism designed to promote quicker intervention, more compassion and greater acceptance of those afflicted.

“Not too long ago, those affected by autism-related disorders were set aside: placed in institutions or dismissed as untreatable ‘lost cases’,” said Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s wife, Ban Soon-taek, who co-sponsored the event with First Ladies Laura Bush of the United States and Dorrit Moussaieff of Iceland.

Cancellation of Controversial Autism Study Causes Both Relief and Outrage

By convenor | Mon, 29/9/2008 - 17:07

A federal health agency has dropped plans for a controversial autism study, pleasing many scientists but disappointing some families with autistic children. The study would have tested a treatment called chelation, which removes heavy metals from the body and is used to treat lead poisoning.

Autism's cost

By convenor | Fri, 26/9/2008 - 14:00


The perplexing disorder of autism continues to take its toll on children, families and society as a whole. Things are likely to get worse.

Autism is a serious subject, not only for families with autistic children but for the entire nation. The numbers are startling — and alarming. Let's begin right here at home: As of last month there were 424 students officially designated as autistic attending Frederick County Public Schools. Add to that number those who are being educated outside the public schools and many more who exhibit some autistic-like symptoms.

Helping Children with Autism package

By Anonymous (not verified) | Fri, 27/6/2008 - 14:00

MACKLIN: Thanks very much everyone, for being here, with my Parliamentary Secretary, Bill Shorten, we're very pleased to be here at Malkara School today. If I can thank the Principal, Jenny, and all the other staff who are here today, and particularly for having us meet and play with the children, to really get a feel for the very, very important work that they're doing. We're very pleased today to be able to announce the detail of the funding for improved services for children with autism.