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Spectrum Superstars - Support Network for parents and carers of children with autism

By spectrumsuperstars |

My name is Nichole & I am a mother of a 8 year old boy on the autism spectrum. I have set up a facebook page aimed at giving support, sharing stories, resources, spreading awareness & giving hope to parents & carers of children on the autism spectrum.
You are more than welcome to take a look and join in if you like

Nic :)

High schools


Hi everyone, I agree that Duncraig is excellent, but what happens when you are not in the catchment area and you cannot access the appropriate environment for your child?

Please can you tell me what is the next step after receiving the diagnosis and also what are the criteria for an autism extension program in high school. I have been told it is a 4 phase process but I do not know the phases or the eligibility criteria.

Thanks in anticipation of any replies

Adults on the Autism Spectrum

By Australian Asp… |

Dear Readers

I am an adult with Asperger Syndrome located in Brisbane, Australia. I was diagnosed by Dr Tony Attwood in 1998 and have been fortunate to have spoken with Dr Tony Attwood in an employment seminar, undertaken work with him personally being an adult with Asperger Syndrome and have recently written a book which I have asked Dr Tony Attwood to write a Foreword. The book is about the difficulties adults on the Autism confront in terms of obtaining employment.

Stupid-guy stereotypes are what Grown Ups throws money at

By Marissa |

If you're planning on going to the movies this weekend, then the "Grown Ups" review may just effect your choice. "Grown Ups" is a guys-behaving-badly comedy that focuses on childhood friends who get together to re-connect. The movie had mixed reviews. Starring Adam Sandler, this $ 70 million movie wants to pull in at least enough viewership to pay the bills.

Free funding for assessments to get diagnoses

By lukey2007 |

I'm trying to start a lobby group of health professionals and parent/carers working on the front line with children under 6 years who do not have a diagnosis (e.g. autism) and require services to get assessments free so that children can get early diagnoses and be eligible for funding to treat different disorders. I have found a huge gap in services for children who are not getting assessed and professionals in the industry not advising parents of assessments they can get done because they cannot afford the assessment.