Hi everyone, I agree that Duncraig is excellent, but what happens when you are not in the catchment area and you cannot access the appropriate environment for your child?

Please can you tell me what is the next step after receiving the diagnosis and also what are the criteria for an autism extension program in high school. I have been told it is a 4 phase process but I do not know the phases or the eligibility criteria.

Thanks in anticipation of any replies

I am sorry to say there may be many next steps for someone just diagnosed when they are in high school.

Start with contacting your state autism association (can be found on A4's links page, Also, try to find a local support group as the other parents in your region will know much more about what works in your area.

I suggest you read about autism spectrum disorders (ASD) so you better understand your child's needs.

Once you are prepared, contact the special needs section in your state education department about how they will ensure an effective education for your child. But be warned, the available evidence shows outcomes for students with ASD are particularly poor (see ).


My son was diagonised with asd at age 10 and what a struggle it has been for him at school with teachers not understanding him. This year he is in year 7 and so far his teacher has been really patient with him and getting alot of advise on how to deal with him. He still has and i suppose always will have issues with kids not wanting to understand him. My concern is when he goes to high school what am i going to do. The school that we are looking at has a special needs class where he would spend the majority of his time, he will also join in some mainstream classes, i am really unsure what i should do? Do i mainstream him for all classes or should i put him into a special class. With our son he just wants to be accepted and for his friends to treat him nicely, he does not like to be different to every one else, so could i do more damage to him by putting him into a special class, he is also very bright but with all the anxiety he suffers finds it hard to keep on task and to be quiet in class. Has anyone got advice on what they have done with their asd in high school.

Hi.... I have a son in mainstream high school, because he is high functioning and he wasn't accepted into a special unit, because his I.Q was average. I wish I was given the choice to integrate my son into mainstream high school.My son now is only doing high school part time due to his extreme anxiety as the school doesn't really understand my son and the impact Autism has on our family daily...You would really have to look at would he be able to do mainstream in all of his classes without causing him too much anxiety and creating a new set of problems the last thing you want is for him to be sent home because he is not coping...What type of support would your child receive while doing mainstream classes that's another thing you would have to look at...Speak to the high school and see what advice they have to offer?