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Autism awareness month is next May. What should A4 do ... if anything ... in Autism Awareness month 2009?


15 years 8 months ago

Lets all band together with family, friends etc and bombard our local MP's with a co-ordinated letter to get more recognition for the carers and more funding for school age asd children.

This is a great idea, strength in numbers, when should we send the letter’s, our kids in high school have no help we have no where to turn, it seem that ASD must disappear at age 12.  It’s great that the government is helping with early intervention, but what if your child is not diagnosed until later?  Where is the help then?  10% of Aspergers are not diagnosed until high school.  ADS is for life and help should be there for life.  

This year we did a parliamentary breakfast in Canberra which was a good event. We could do the same next year and use it to high light a particular area of need by inviting a speaker of note to point out the benefits of taking positive action. This could be backed up by the co-ordinated letter campaign on the issue.

Do we, maybe, need to enlist the help of the media to raise the awareness of this month even existing?  We are always made aware of other causes that have a special day or month, and yet if not for receiving the A4 updates, I would not have been aware of any of the efforts being made to raise awareness of ASD.

Maybe if a poster of some description was created (so everyone could use the same poster), and then instead of having to pay to have them printed, have everyone with access to a printer, print at least one (and more if they can), and organise to have it displayed in a local shop or similar.  The url for the website could be included, along with details of where a donation can be made.  Donations could be used towards supplementing help to children who aren't covered by the government's current policy (and make the public aware that the government is simply not doing enough).

Anyone who has an ASD child at a mainstream school could lobby the school to hold a 'mufty' day, where students donate a gold coin to the cause and, to raise awareness even further, have a short presentation that could be given at a student assembly.  It need only be a brief outline of what someone with ASD may confront on a daily basis at school - but also how interesting they can be if you talk to them on a subject they are passionate about - a way to open up communications.

Just a few thoughts that fell out of my head right now...



Getting the attention of the media is quite difficult. We can get their attention with bad news but that may not be what we want.

We have some A4 people with media experience and expertise ... but they need to band together and make a concerted effort. The band of media people needs a leader and the individuals need to commit to following their leader to make it happen.

Also, we should work with and perhaps with AABASD on this.

People who have the time and enthusiasm should let me know they want to be involved (email the A4 Convenor), and I'll help them get in touch.

Rosemary Vinton

15 years 2 months ago

Dear A4

Just an idea Re: enlisting the Media during Autism Awareness Month 2009.

What about having some regular coverage of ASD issues presented over the month on ABC Radio National 'Health Matters' Segment with Dr Norman Swan discussing PREVALENCE, early identification/diagnosis and Govt. HCWA  'Initiatives' and the  and 'Life Matters' segment with focus on caring for and meeting the complex needs of children with ASD across the lifespan and the impact this has on parents and carers.

Just maybe some pollies and academics tune into Radio National at 8.30am Monday mornings!! 


It is now nearly at an end. What have I heard in the media? Nothing. What have I done...plenty! And loved every minute! Perhaps something like this could be done at a Local Level but Nationally starting with one school at a time...come on parents, family and friends...step up and give it a go!

It has been fun getting involved with the all the schools. To see all their beautiful smiling faces, hear their expressions of glee, see their hands and fingers covered in paint creating masterpieces on canvasses...

Channel 10 in Perth will attend Coolbellup Learning Centre tomorrow to cover the story...fingers crossed that at the "11th hour", Perth and WA Channel 10 viewers will become "Autism Aware".

I have sent this to the media:

Media Release:


May is Autism Awareness Month

“In My Shoes” Art Exhibition


In our community, one person in every 160 has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It has been widely observed that many “exist in a world of their own” as they often find it difficult to communicate with others. This can result in social isolation and behavioural difficulties. As May is Autism Awareness Month, Autism Solutions Incorporated is organising a major Autism Awareness Project for 2009, the “In My Shoes” Art Exhibition.


All Primary and Secondary Schools within the City of Cockburn have been invited to participate in the project. May has been a busy month with many students expressing their inner worlds through the inexhaustible medium of artistic creation. The enthusiasm and commitment to this project has been overwhelming.


Autism Solutions Incorporated is proud to exhibit the art work collection at the “In My Shoes” Art Exhibition at the Round Hall, Memorial Hall, cnr Rockingham Road and Carrington Street, Hamilton Hill. It is a visual celebration of life from their perspective and an experience not to be missed. The exhibition will run from the 20th of June until the 26th of June and opening hours are 10am until 4pm on Saturday and Sunday & 10am until 2pm from Monday through to Friday.


There will also be several pairs of hi top canvas shoes which have been decorated and signed by prominent celebrities, artists and sports personalities available for auction. These will also be on display for the duration of the Art Exhibition. Admission to the exhibition is free although a gold coin donation would be greatly appreciated.


Autism Solutions Incorporated (AuS) is a not for profit organisation primarily run by parents who have children on the Autism Spectrum. Leanne Count, mother of Bronte, formed Autism Solutions Incorporated to provide support, information and networking opportunities for families with children on the Autism Spectrum. Tragically, Leanne passed away in August 2008 after a battle with Liver Disease. The current Board and families are continuing her aim and enthusiasm to help the wider community better understand our children and our lives by raising awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder. For more information or to join our network, please visit


We would like to invite everyone to come and walk “In My Shoes”

and experience a unique insight into the world of Autism



“In My Shoes” Art Exhibition

20th until the 26th of June

Open Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm

And Mon to Fri from 10am to 2pm

At the Round Hall, Memorial Hall,

Cnr Rockingham Road and Carrington Street,

Hamilton Hill


 So come on...what are you waiting for? Next May will be here before you know it!