Primary schools / kindy for High functioning autism in Perth wa

Submitted by Cutebluey on Wed, 30/5/2012 - 10:12

Hi I dont even know if I have put this in the right spot but I was after some information about good schools that
Will be good for my 4 year old son I want to do every thing I can for him so willing to move
Anywhere ! But can't find any reports on schools

Hi Jessica, I have a 7 year old with Aspergers and a 4 year old with High functioning Autism. 3 years ago we moved to vermont South ,doubled our mortgage so my son could go to the public Primary school 'Weerdon Heights'.
It is a small school. Has a Stephanie Alexanda kitchen and concept growing herbs etc. They have chickens and it is a nice community feel.
Every class has an aid so if your son doesn't qualify for funding he will still get help in the classroom.
Every class has a child in the spectrum it is a school that caters well for and understands that condition.
The only fault is the library is not open at lunchtime, my son is often sitting alone at lunchtime, which saddens me a lot.
If the library was open at lunchtime it would be the perfect school for these children who need to relax at lunchtimes.
They do have meditation one day a week at lunchtime which my son enjoys.
I hope that helps.

Linda M