By Caity Jo Wood |

I have a 10yo son whom I suspect has Asperger's Syndrome. I have read and re-read articles and testimonies regarding other children with the disorder and he presents with so many of the 'typical' symptoms that I can't see how he could NOT have the condition. I have taken him to doctors and psychiatrists and social workers and they all say he's simply a typically healthy and rambunctious boy. I disagree. I have another appointment with the psychiatrist next month but I am at my wits end with him.
I attended a parent workshop a couple of weeks ago which was run by EDUCare for parents of children with an ASD. It was incredibly informative and no less telling about my son. If anything, by the end of the very full-on day, I was MORE convinced that my boy has an ASD.
I guess the point of this post is to reassure mysekf that I'm not alone - that other parents have been through the same thing. It's a frightening and exhilerating journey but I'm going to stick to it until somebody listens - if I have to beat my head against a brick wall and I'm blue in the face.