NDIS early intervention for autistic children - update 24/12/2021

Submitted by convenor on Mon, 27/12/2021 - 10:41
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On Christmas Eve, the NDIS published its consultation outcome for young autistic children: see https://ndis.gov.au/community/we-listened/interventions-children-autism-spectrum-consultation-summary-report

Basically, the result of consultation was that:

  • the NDIS should not proceed with changes it proposed for autistic children; and
  • families of newly diagnosed autistic children need good information.

A4 was reassured to see that most respondents to the NDIS survey felt that "autism organisation and peak bodies" provide the best information.

Once again, the NDIA shows its inadequate understanding of autism. The autism community rejected the NDIA's plans to limit and stratify early intervention funding for autistic children. As with past efforts to exclude "Level 2 autism" from the NDIS, to impose co-called Independent Assessments, and other inappropriate treatment of autistic NDIS participants, the autism community rejected unacceptable policy and practice that government wanted to impose on our most vulnerable people.

The NDIA really needs to engage with the autism community and try to co-design a NDIS that is autism aware, and that respects autistic people and their representatives.