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Toowoomba mum of son with autism, ADHD slams National Disability Insurance Scheme over funding troubles

Submitted by bobb on Thu, 3/3/2022 - 09:28

Tom Gillespie

Robyn Vahua dedicates a huge chunk of her week just trying to prove to the NDIS that her son has a disability and needs funding. Now she’s worried he won’t be able to keep living with her.

Robyn Vahua might not be able to keep her 11-year-old son Aristotle at home, because the National Disability Insurance Scheme doesn’t believe he deserves funding for his complex conditions.

Disability advocates push to scrap the word ‘pension’ from government payment

Submitted by bobb on Wed, 2/3/2022 - 09:09

Brooke Grebert-Craig

Disability advocates are pushing to change a word on the title of a Centrelink payment, claiming it’s condescending and demeaning to young people.


Disability advocates are pushing to change a word on the title of a government payment, claiming it’s discriminatory to young people.

Victoria University PhD student Jerusha Mather wants the term ‘pension’ changed on the name of Centrelink’s Disability Support Pension.

Greater training needed for health professionals caring for people with cognitive disability

Submitted by convenor on Wed, 2/3/2022 - 07:14

The Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability has released a Commissioner’s report on Public Hearing 10: Education and training of health professionals in relation to people with cognitive disability.

The report makes 9 findings and 12 recommendations in relation to the education and training of health professionals across Australia including nurses, dentists, pharmacists, psychologists and speech pathologists.

Respite care inspired by family experience

Submitted by bobb on Mon, 28/2/2022 - 22:44

Alesha Capone

Marina Ivelja knows the difficulties of looking for respite care for someone you love.

Mrs Ivelja is 16 years older than her older brother, who has autism, an intellectual disability, complex partial seizures and severe self-harming behaviours.

While growing up, she witnessed his diagnosis, integration with special schools and all the different services her family dealt with.

Mrs Ivelja said that this motivated her to establish her respite service, Beyond Disability Services, which opened in Bacchus Marsh during November 2021.

New job led to ‘broken life’ under disability scheme spruiked as success story

Submitted by bobb on Mon, 28/2/2022 - 08:53

Luke Henriques-Gomes

Woman tells inquiry how her experiences at ‘coffee school’ in $1bn-a-year federal program damaged her health and left her heartbroken

On her first day in an exciting new job, Mzia walked in to find a small “Breville-style” coffee machine placed on a computer desk in the reception.

Next to the machine was a container of long-life milk.

Mzia looked at the small Breville machine and told a senior manager: “This is not a commercial machine.”

Federal Election - coming in 2022

Submitted by convenor on Sat, 26/2/2022 - 15:38

With a federal election on its way, autism-related politics is a current issue. This is a real chance for Australian politicians to take positive action and for the autism community to tell their prospective political representative what they can do to improve outcomes. Here is some material ...

The time has come for Australia to get serious about Autism

Shifting the dial on autism

‘Wildly unreasonable’: agency slashes mother’s NDIS funding and then her daughter’s

Submitted by bobb on Thu, 24/2/2022 - 14:17

Jannine Scott says funding had been ‘life-changing’, but now feels every time she interacts with the NDIA ‘it’s combative’

When Jannine Scott first joined her daughter Bethany on the national disability insurance scheme, it was “life-changing”.

The scheme funded in-home support workers for Scott, who has a spinal cord condition, and even paid for a power wheelchair and other assistive technology.

Scripts make jab easier for autistic kids

Submitted by bobb on Mon, 21/2/2022 - 07:17

Melbourne mum Leah Dean knows better than most that attending a COVID-19 vaccination appointment is anything but simple for children with autism.

Loud noises, crowds and bright lights anywhere, let alone at a busy immunisation hub – coupled with the uncertainty of a brand-new experience – can make her teenaged son very anxious.

But with the help of a set of special step-by-step instructions called a social script, 13-year-old Alexander was recently able to successfully have both his shots.