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The Opposition also announced $4.5 million to deliver autism services to children.

"We can provide them with 20 or 30 hours per week of very, very serious intervention strategies," said Liberal health spokesman, Brett Whiteley.


Tas Libs claim: World Best Autism Services for Tasmania

What the Tasmanian Liberals will do:

see the Tasmanian Libral's policy at

Supporting students with Autism


Tasmanian Greens


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Many Aspergers and High Functioning Autistic children are in crisis in mainstream schools. They are entitled to an education in a safe environment. Mainstream schools cannot and are not providing our children with these two fundamental rights. They require special different teaching methods and in mainstream schools the funding is not giving them specialist teachers, they get teachers assistants !

These children are also bullied and picked on and isolated to such an extent that many parents are taking their children out of school to home school them for that very reason.

These schools exist overseas. Why not here in Australia ? Do we have to leave this country to educate our kids and ensure they are not psychologically damaged in the process.

There is currently a petition demonstrating the need for these schools in Australia. 251 Signatures since 23rd March 2010 ! You can view the comments and support the petition by going to this link and signing. You can remain anonymous, all you need is an email address.

Regards Sharron