What has been done in the past??

Since I am new to this organization I am not too sure what has already been done in the way of advocacy and where you are currently.  I think it would be helpful for me for someone to create a document that shows what has been done to date and what the next goals or timeline are.  I'm sorry if this is creating more work for someone but just reading the newsletter shows me that there is so much to do and where do you start? or where do we continue from....  Is there a place where I can see the action plan or timeline?? 


what to do in future?

Great question.

At present A4 does not have an Action Plan ... but it needs one. Constructive suggestions can be sent to the Management Committee or the Convenor ... or posted as a forum topic. It would be good if the Committee developed an Action Plan and shared it with A4 members.

Currently, the A4 Committee is

  • pressing federal politicians to form a Parliamentary Friends of Autism
  • hold either a Parliamentary, Senate or Joint Inquiry into Services and outcomes for people with ASD in Australia
  • enquiring what plans the government has in addition to and after Helping Children with Autism package

The Shorten Curlies column in the latest A4 Update is a form of action. The challenge is to get government to respond to the issues raised ... and to articulate other issues.

First step is renewal of A4's Management Committee ... which is happening slowly. Some members of the Committee have been distracted by HCWA implementation, APAC '09 and development of the National Autism Register. Also, in the presentation and publication of up-to-date information about the number of Australians with an ASD diagnosis.

Other actions include the publication of A4's regular Updates and the maintainance of this website.