Compensation case against the Victorian Dept of Education

Submitted by Karnak on Thu, 16/4/2009 - 23:30

I was very interested in the news item in the latest A4 update about Paige Walker and her son Alex who were taking the  Victorian Dept of education to court to use for compensation for her son's part time attendance at school due to  little school aide funding and  she having to take him to school each day and clocking up so many miles. However I did wonder why she had not  sorted out the  poor deal her son had handed out to him much earlier in the piece.  Maybe it is me, but I think attack is the best way of dealing with the endless rubbish that seems to get handed out the parents of kids with disabilities. I really hold to the principle "shoot one , scare a thousand” when you have to deal with endless complaints and poor funding deal that various government department seem to think should be the lot of  kids with problems and the resultant  rubbish that their parents have to deal with. Begin a strong advocate for your child from the start seems to be the way to go so the various professionals who deal  with your child gets the hint that you will not put up with  nonsense. Anyway I hope she and Alex win both for their own sakes and to give the various educations systems a strong message in Australia that they need to improve their services to children with autism and other disabilities or those who care for autistic kids will go to court if necessary to  ensure that their kids get a fair deal. I would rather be a Rottweiler than be apathetic and put up with  stupidity. And yes I know parents get worn down and worn out with  caring for their disabled kids but if you don’t take on the stoush and  handle it, you seem to  end up with endless misery and nothing practical to help your child.  Being a good advocate is not tied into being middle class and articulate but how much you are prepared to tolerate in terms of  “problems” that are created for you rather than help and creative solutions.


Thu, 10/9/2009 - 21:08

Any updates on this case at all ?

How are things progressing ? I am deeply and desparately interested because I have been threatened with prosecution for not sending my child with Autism to a school I pulled him out of recently . I pleaded with Dept of Ed to place him urgently in a school more appropriate for his Autism and also within walking distance to home , actually there are 4 schools appropriate for him within 5 minutes from home but he must attend his current school which is 20-25 minutes drive away.

I have been given 20 days to comply and must sign off each and every day of attendance at school or I will face prosecution !!!

SO any updates or info on this case would be very helpful !!!


No updates that I know of. Sorry.

In your case, you could try the following ...

  • get the support of a disability advocate who understands autism/ASD to be with you in all discussions and to help you develop and put your position
  • write directly to the NSW Minister for Education and the Shadow Minister for Education
  • remind them that their policy is inconsistent ... see and ask them whether families who are told their child has to stay home also have to "sign off each and every day of attendance at school or ... face prosecution".