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Discussions about what people on or near the autism spectrum want or need ... or prefer will be ongoing for a long time to come. I expect different people will have their own goals, preferences and needs. There is no single solution no matter how carefully we search.

This is because there is no single problem. For example, some people like being socially isolated for much of their time. Others are devastated when they are left alone. Each individual has her/his own needs. Rather than looking for a solution for autism or Asperger's, we need to help each individual find her/his own balance ... we need to listen carefully to what each individual wants/needs and help each person realise the things that work for that particular individual. We need to be flexible, sensitive and sympathetic in how we help and respond to people on the autism spectrum.

In the meantime, you can see some of the discussion and the quest for a single solution (a "silver bullet") happening in bits of the media like this story ...

Balancing the Asperger's discussion

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