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What is the Disability Clothesline?

We started this project because people with disability and their families did not h
ave a voice.

When we tell our stories about abuse, neglect and violence, people do not always listen.

But if lots of us tell our stories, people will listen.

We want to tell our stories to the Australian community.

We are going to do this by using teeshirts to share our stories.

This will spread the message we want people to hear.

'Disability violence and abuse is not okay.'

You can help us by telling your story.

You can do this in a group of other people with disability, or by yourself.

You may want to get together with some friends and organise a Clothesline Day.

Any stories shared in a group must stay private.

People can’t talk about other people’s stories outside the group.

If you want to be part of the project, go to the Disability Clothesline website at

Clotheslines are part of a national campaign against violence all over the world.

You can see the New Zealand Disability Clothesline Project here -