Hi everyone
well that time is coming nearer and nearer for Jake to leave school and go to an
Adult Training Service.

I was hoping others in the same boat before us could give some advise on the important things we should be considering for our son.

Jake is 17 nearly 18

Autism (moderate to profound)

He has echolia speak, can ask for things he requires, if not he can lead you to them and you will understand what he requires.

He unfotunately requires one to one assistance as he cannot be let go he is a runner, he is extremely anxious about different people and different settings and takes a long time to get his trust in people.

His anxiousness often overides his ability to enjoy himself and he sits back on the side lines.

We have this year enroled him in a disability 10 pin bowling group which after many weeks he is enjoying, he goes on a Saturday as part of his community access to 10 pin bowling so the transition to the bowling group has been easy.

We realise that he will need a few activities that he enjoys in his port folio for want of a better word so that his ATSS days can be structured around these.

What we still require under the future for young adults program is a program that will continue to offer educational settings for Jake so he can continue to learn and extend himself, rather than just do recreational activities.

We are hoping that the futures for young adults program funding will offer enough dollars so that Jake has 1-1 support while at the ATSS and that we can get a support person that will encourage Jake to explore more opportunities in the atss and in the community.

Looking forward to any comments you have.

thanks and regards
Jan Cas