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The Conversation is producing a series of articles on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

July 13, 2016

Understanding the NDIS: how does the scheme view music therapy?

Katrina McFerran, University of Melbourne

The NDIS has laudable aims but how much funding will be available to enable participation in arts therapy?


July 7, 2016

Understanding the NDIS: many eligible people with disabilities are likely to miss out

Karen R FisherUNSW Australia

Many people eligible for the NDIS are likely to miss out on its benefits. These groups include people who don't think they have a disability and those who don't know about the NDIS and how to apply.


July 7, 2016

Understanding the NDIS: will parents of newly diagnosed children with disability be left in the dark?

Alison M MarchbankCharles Darwin University

Informal early support through intervention programs helps parents understand their child's newly diagnosed disability. But what will happen when, under the NDIS, these services no longer exist?


July 6, 2016

Understanding the NDIS: a history of disability welfare from ‘deserving poor’ to consumers in control

Paul RamcharanRMIT University

Society hasn't always seen people with disabilities as having the same rights at everyone else. So how did we get to the NDIS, which offers people with disabilities with choice and control?


July 6, 2016

Understanding the NDIS: how does the scheme work and am I eligible for funding?

Carmel LaragyRMIT University

The National Disability Insurance Scheme has been heralded as the most significant reform since Medicare. So what is it again, how will it work and how can you apply to get funding?