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Heidi La Paglia Reid

So in the neurodivergent space lately, everyone is talking ⭐️Inklings⭐️

If you don’t know, the context is that the Federal Labor government committed $14.8 million last week to a trial in South Australia which is: “designed to provide crucial assistance to parents and caregivers in understanding the needs of infants between the ages of six to 18 months who exhibit early signs of autism.”

As stated on the official website, “The Inklings Program has been developed over a decade by an international team of health professionals and researchers interested in reducing disability associated with autism.”

What the Australian National Autism Strategy Needs to Achieve to Make It Meaningful To Autistic People:

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Nicholas Eugene Glover
Autistic Elder: National Autistic Community Connect Developer.

Hopefully, sometime in March 2024, the Government will release its Draft Autism Strategy document. This Strategy will affect more than half a million Autistic lives (2024).

The U.K. released their first National Strategy in 2010. So we are a fair way behind in this regard. Hence, the Australian Autism Strategy needs to be sound, transparent, very well-thought-out, well funded, and ambitious. Autistic people need to have the opportunity to review the Draft Strategy.

It's about time: NDIS Commission boss who 'failed at every turn' resigns

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Miriam Webber

NDIS Commission boss Tracy Mackey will step down from the role in May, after a tumultuous 12 months for the agency.

Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme Bill Shorten announced Ms Mackey's resignation in a statement on Tuesday, saying the government was working to "build a better NDIS disability watchdog".

Mr Shorten's statement did not say why Ms Mackey was leaving the role, but thanked her for her time at the commission, and wished her well.

The Brit who predicted the NDIS disaster a decade ago

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Tom Burton

Dr Simon Duffy warned a decade ago that the design of the national disability insurance scheme created perverse incentives, leaving it flawed from day one.

The British social policy reformer who warned a decade ago that the design of Australia’s national disability insurance scheme was flawed from the start and would be expensive and unsustainable said his worst fears have come true.

Teachers urged to move beyond stereotypes

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Sarah Lansdown

One in five students in a class are likely to have some level of disability, but not all teachers have the evidence-based skills to cater for the diverse needs of students in their classes.

Angus Lange, 18, with his mum Sarah Lange talks about his struggle with dyslexia in school.

University of Canberra doctoral lecturer Julia Davies-Duff exposes her pre-service students to the latest research on best practice for teaching neurodivergent students.