Canberra: Families struggle to get ADHD or autism diagnosis

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 Lanie Tindale

There is never a dull moment in the Sugars-Daniel's "neurodivergent house", mum Rhi Sugars laughs.

But the struggle many Canberrans have in getting themselves or their child an autism or attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) diagnosis is no laughing matter, she says.

The mother-of-two lives in Lake Bathurst and works in Queanbeyan.

NDIS Commissioner Tracy Mackey said she might have to resign over mistakenly misleading Four Corners, court documents allege

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Anne Connolly

The head of the government watchdog for the NDIS, Tracy Mackey, swore and said she might have to resign after she discovered she had mistakenly told the ABC the regulator had shut down a program where children with disabilities were abused, court documents allege.

Gold Coast hospital left Autistic patient to ‘starve to death’

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Joshua Haigh

A heartbroken mother is desperate for answers after her austisic son was allowed to starve to death in hospital.

A mother is calling for an investigation into the failings at a major Queensland hospital after her autistic son died from starvation while under the care of its doctors.

Stewart Kelly, 45, died at Robina Hospital in August last year from starvation and dehydration during a 33-day admission.