Free workshop in Pirie for parents of children with autism

A free two-day workshop for parents and carers of children with autism is scheduled for Port Pirie in February and is backed by Geoff Brock.

The Independent Frome MP said it would be a “great initiative”.

“It will provide information about autism and improve understanding of the needs of school-aged students on the autism spectrum,” he said.

“I am happy to see it being held in Port Pirie for the benefit of Mid North families.”

The workshop will be at the Royal Port Pirie Yacht Club from 9.30am to 2.30pm on February 12 and 13.

SA: NDIS criticised for 'failing to provide second carer' in Nischal Ghimire drowning case

Claire Campbell and Alice Dempster

The drowning of a carer could have been avoided if the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) had responded to requests for a second carer for an autistic boy, a South Australian MP has claimed.

Key points:

  • Labor MP Jayne Stinson has criticised the NDIS after a carer drowned while on shift in Adelaide
  • She said the family requested a second carer for their son's outdoor activities, but one was not provided
  • But the NDIA said it tried to contact the family in mid-December

SA: Mainstream classes full of students with special needs, union survey finds

Tim Williams

TEACHERS are facing classrooms where the majority of students in front of them have disabilities, learning difficulties or trauma-related conditions, a union survey has found.

More than 100 South Australian teachers, classroom support workers and parents made reports to a one-off Australian Education Union hotline in a single afternoon.

'It just gets debilitating': The NDIS families desperate for a better scheme

Dan Conifer

Sonya Ludlow is a strong woman. When you're bringing up seven children, resilience and thick skin are almost compulsory.

But the Adelaide mother was left feeling "absolutely awful" after a review of her seven-year-old son Samuel's funding National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan.

"[The NDIS representative] more or less said, 'by my sixth child I should know how to be a parent and how to look after my children'," Mrs Ludlow said.

Connor Pangallo, who has Asperger Syndrome, hated school growing up — but now he’s heading to Flinders Uni

Conner facing the camera - wearing a cat mask pushed up on his forehead

Tim Williams

HE was dux of his Year 12 class, is starting a double degree in law and international relations, and wants to be a prosecutor — yet as a young boy growing up with Asperger’s, Connor Pangallo couldn’t stand school.

    CONNOR Pangallo was dux of his Year 12 class, is embarking on a double degree in law and international relations, and has his sights set on becoming a prosecutor.

    Alternative health practitioner Elvira Brunt now ‘treating autism’ with belly button massage

    Tory Shepherd

    A HEALTH practitioner at a popular Adelaide medical clinic is treating children’s autism with belly button massage.

    Elvira Brunt, from St Morris’s popular Fravira Clinic, has a long history of charging vulnerable people for false cures.

    She has been criticised for giving people false hope and dangerous advice.

    The Advertiser has revealed in the past that she has been accused of telling parents to deny their children treatment or even painkillers, in one case suggesting a girl with leukaemia eat KFC instead.

    Research to give new insights into autism

    boy facing )not looking into) camera

    Inspired by his son, Flinders optometry researcher Dr Paul Constable has commenced working with Yale Child Study Center and Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital to research links between autism and the eye’s response to light.

    Supported by a $US50,000 donation from the Alan B. Slifka Foundation, the research will look into the incidence of reduced light adapted electro-retinogram (ERG) b-wave amplitude in children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


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