DAD... a film about autism and fatherhood

Available to watch online now!

DAD... a film about autism and fatherhood is now available to watch online! We're thrilled to share our short documentary with you all! We hope it helps dads (and mums) navigating the world of autism and parenting. Whether you're new to this or have been in it for a while, there are so many powerful messages from these twelve incredible dads that you need to hear. So please watch, share, send us your reviews... and most importantly remember, you are part of a bigger “fraternity of parents who are wonderful”

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Bonus footage...

There was so much great footage that didn't make it into the final film but it was too good to just leave on the cutting room floor! Instead, we've created twelve pieces of bonus content which take a closer look at the topics covered in the full film. 

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Meet the Dads...

Twelve Aussie dads with vastly different backgrounds, ages, experiences and circumstances. Footballer, neurosurgeon, broadcaster, farmer... get to know the fathers behind the DAD documentary.
Each one of them is so different, but with one thing in common – a child on the autism spectrum.

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Finding good resources to support you in your journey can be an overwhelming task, there's just so much out there! We've put together a selection of great books, websites, podcasts, blogs and social media groups especially for dads. 

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Why we made this film...

Sharing stories and experiences is how we learn and support one another – something we think mums have been doing pretty well. Over the years the voices of mums in our community have been amazingly loud and fierce. But it was time to share the stage, it was time to hear from the dads. 

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