Natalie Jones is glad to be in Inverell boosting our services in autism care

Natalie Jones, speech pathologist/senior clinician at Autism Australia

I’m very proud to be commencing two new education and healthcare services here in the Inverell area – the first helping individuals with autism under the name Autism Australia, and the other a general speech pathology service – about which I’ll explain further down.

My partner Simon and I recently moved here to take over the running of the family farm. He grew up here, whereas I am new to Inverell, coming  originally from Gippsland in Victoria. So still a rural upbringing, but quite different country. I’m getting used to the less dairy cows and bigger brown snakes!

I graduated from university about 10 years ago. I knew I would be returning to live a regional area at some point, because that is where I feel at home. Knowing this, I have deliberately worked in a number of roles to put me in good stead to be able to help people across a wide range of areas in speech pathology. Most recently however, I have specialised in working in the field of autism.

There are two separate services I am running during the week.

Before we moved back to Inverell, I was working with a wonderful team at Autism Queensland in Brisbane, Queensland’s leading and oldest provider of services for people living with autism.

When Simon and I decided to move, the managers at Autism Queensland and I worked out a plan to find a way to continue to work together. And thus the Autism Australia service, based in Inverell was born.

Essentially, I am able to continue in the same role as I was in Brisbane, just now from a distance. I can see people of any age for help at the start of the diagnosis process, provide early intervention services for younger children, help school aged children learn new skills and helping adults find ways to tackle challenges they may face in day to day life.

I am also running a general speech pathology service called Natalie Jones Speech Pathology. Under this banner I can see people for any other communication or swallowing concerns. Having spent a similar number of years working in services for both adults and children, I enjoy working with people across the lifespan.

It’s probably important to mention that I am not funded by any government or charitable institution, and as such, there are costs associated for both services, however people may be able to use their NDIS or Helping Children with Autism funding, or Medicare and private health insurance. Please feel free to ask me more about these options.

I’ve set up my clinic room in the former doctor’s surgery in the St Elmos building on Otho Street. It’s best though to call or email me.

And lastly, thank you very much for the warmth and enthusiasm with which people around town have greeted me. They have already been so open and welcoming towards me. This is my home now and I am very proud to be offering the community some services they may need.

Autism Australia contact details; 0404 209 399 or