Ireland: One in 65 students has autism diagnosis - report

A report into school autism services has found a far higher prevalence of the condition among school students than previously thought.

The study, carried out for the National Council for Special Education, found that one in 65 school students has a diagnosis of autism. That equates to a total of around 14,000.

Previous estimates were of one in every 100 pupils.

The report has found that the inadequate availability of therapeutic, psychological and psychiatric services for children with autism had "potential negative implications" for student mental health and well-being.

Schools need to be supported adequately, it says.

It finds that teacher knowledge and understanding of autism requires further improvement.

Investment in teacher training is recommended.

The report also recommended that the NCSE be given the power to oblige schools to open up specialised autism units, where a need is established.

An implementation group has been established by the Department of Education to consider the recommendations.


Policy Advice on Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Schools

The National Council for Special Education is pleased to announce the publication of it’s policy advice on supporting students with autism spectrum disorder in schools.

Click here to download the English version of the policy advice
Click here to download the Irish version of the policy advice

A separate guide for parents/guardians and students on this policy advice can be accessed here

In addition, the National Council for Special Education is publishing two research studies commissioned to support the development of the policy advice:

– Educating Persons with Autistic Spectrum Disorder – A Systematic Literature Review (Click here to download)
– An Evaluation of Education Provision for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Ireland (Click here to download)