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Subject:meeting request - autism-related issues and concerns

Date:Mon, 4 Mar 2024 12:13:40 +1100

From:Bob Buckley (Co-convenor) <>

Dear Minister Rishworth

please find attached a letter from our disability representative organisation (DRO) for autism requesting a meeting to discuss our serious concerns about policies and programs for autistic Australians.

I look for to your response. If you have any questions, I can be reached via email or mobile 0418677288.


Bob Buckley
Co-convenor, Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia (A4)

Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia, known as A4, is the national grassroots organisation advocating for autistic people, their families, carers and associates. A4 is internet based so that Australians anywhere can participate.
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A4 recognises and respects the traditional owners, elders past, present and emerging, of lands in Australia. Sovereignty was never ceded.

“The first step in solving any problem is recognising there is one.” Jeff Daniels as Will McEvoy in The Newsroom.

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