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Through the freedom of Information process, A4 came across a report that was prepared for the NDIS that is very relevant to autistic NDIS participants in Australia. However, the NDIS decided not to publish this report.

A4 decided it should make the report available for people who need it.

The report's key conclusions say:

Behaviourally based interventions are efficacious for key outcomes in children on the autism spectrum compared with children who undergo treatment as usual or non-behavioural interventions, but the pooled effect sizes are small (about 30% of a standard deviation) and vary considerably across studies. 

Even for equivalent hours of clinician-delivered intervention, there is evidence for added benefit of behaviourally based intervention above that of treatment as usual (i.e., standard care or community based intervention) or non-behaviourally based intervention.  

Suggested citation: National Disability Insurance Agency 2023. Behaviourally based interventions in children on the autism spectrum: A systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis. Prepared by E Ghezzi, A Lampit. 

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