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A4 worked closely with the Australian Autism Alliance to provide its submission to the Senate Select Committee on Work and Care inquiry.

The report says (in part) ...

While we do not have concrete data, the autism community is deeply concerned that:

  • Australia’s economic system, where profits explode, wages stagnate and people with disability are typically unemployed, is especially detrimental for autistic people, their carers, and their supports.
  • Supports like Jobkeeper were substantially less effective for (accessible to, or inclusive of) people caring for autistic children.
  • Multiple generations of autistic people are affected by lack of employment opportunities, employment supports, and quality care and support, to enable economic participation for both autistic carers and their adult offspring leading to further entrenchment of inequality.

Many people experience discrimination based on their association with a person with disability, but there are very few successful prosecutions. The protection intended by sections 7 and 8 of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 are imaginary.

The report can be downloaded using the link below.