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In Australia around 1 in 120 children are diagnosed with Autism.

It's a condition very little is know about.

Now, some mothers of autistic children and some doctors say Autism, as well as other disorders such as ADD/ADHD, are treatable through diet, nutritional supplements and the removal of toxins.

After 3 days without casein (wheat and dairy), gluten, soy and corn, amazing results have been discovered in children previously showing signs of autism.

An increase in vitamins and elimination of toxins – like mercury and aluminium – in autistic children's diets has also been a success.

Immune systems renew, gastrointestinal conditions heal, behavioural problems have been seen to disappear as cognition flourishes.

Vicky's story

Vicky’s son Nicholas was diagnosed with Autism at the age of two.

His symptoms were many. Nicholas had delayed language development and only used a few single words at the age of two. His eye contact was very poor. He often appeared deaf and would not respond to his parents when they called his name. His parents say Nicholas had a 'dazed' or 'drunk' look in his eyes like he was drugged. Yet he always wanted to run around and rarely sat still. He had no 'imaginary play' if he played at all. He became obsessed with power cords. he was alone in his own world.

On top of all this, he would often be constipated alternating with diarrhea.
His parents said everything changed after they tried a seeing a naturopath. "She looked into Nicholas’s eyes and told us he had a ‘leaky gut’ and we should remove gluten and casein (wheat and dairy) from his diet immediately."

Within 24 hours of removing gluten and casein, Nicholas pointed to a toy behind the TV, looked at his mother and said "get"!

"This was his only new word in many months and the best eye contact we had seen to date," his mum recalls.

Ever since, Nicholas has had a daily list of vitamins to take as his parents watch his diet closely.

Now, every day he seems clearer, less foggy or less “spaced out”, says Vicky, proudly. Nearly every day he learns a new word or two or three.

Now at the age of five he no longer has autism.



13 years 8 months ago

there is no cure for autsim, while there are results suggesting that mild / short-term improvments can be made with autism and aspergers syndrome through viatim b levels etc. i believe your child is NOT autistic and was mis-diagnosed with autism as allot of kids were back in my day (im now 35) most autistic kids then were said to have ADD or ADHD or were just plain naughty etc. cant help wondering if that so-called tony attwood had anything to do with that?? im certain he has some for of developmental disorder that will no doubt present it's issues for you as a parent.
maybe try a REAL psycholigist!