Awareness Activities

Submitted by Goddess_Mamma on Sun, 26/7/2009 - 10:44

Hello All,


A few ideas for raising awareness; 

1) National ASD Awareness Day: See through the eyes of another - selling rainbow glassess (or glasses with coloured lenses), lapel ribbons etc. to raise funds as well as awareness. Or, it was suggested on the Adelaide_Autism yahoo forum that we have a 'Funny Hat Day.'

2) Establishment of a National ASD Magazine like the "Autism File" from the UK; this would help raise awareness in the general community as well as within the national ASD community.

3) Regular columns in local newspapers - I was going to appraoch my local paper about the possibility of starting a regular column by local parents of ASD children or local people with ASDs. This would be not be paid writing.

4) Adelaides Child Magazine: I dont know about other states but in SA this magazine seems to have one article per month in relation to ASD as of late, I am going to suggest to them that this become a regular feature of their publication as they are having no difficulting in article submissions.

Thats all I have at the moment, any suggestions/comments?

Tara Brown (SA)

Mother of son with ASD


Fri, 31/7/2009 - 12:06

Hi Tara

Great ideas! There are so many charities, special needs organisations etc that it would be easy to get lost in it all and overlooked.  On jeans for genes day I heard it was also dress differently for autism day.  It concerns me that people may be getting desensitised to the issues out there.  I liked the glasses with coloured lenses idea as it is a way of non-asd people to experience sensory differences.  But I guess the question is:  How do we make ourselves interesting enough that the general public want to buy the glasses, wear the glasses, read articles etc?  How do we grab attention?

What about sponsorship from large companies, for example in Qld there is often a freebie with a token on the Sunday paper.  What about a free keyring with a small tactile sensory toy and an ASD message/logo/contact details attached.  Hand in the token get your free keyring and sensory toy, or a lanyard with sensory toy. 

We're here to stay

Stacey Clark

(mother of son ASD, aunt of niece with ASD, sister of an ASD brother, and I wonder if I am undiagnosed myself)



Hi Tara,
We run a local charity in Northern Adelaide and it is based on children with ASD and other issues like learning difficulties. We try to run a stall to raise funds, so that children can get assessed as early as possible. We find that we tend to get quite alot of attention. We are only in a very early stage but the ideas you have and what Stacey said in the last thread was very interesting. I am the project co-ordinator for Incy Wincy Children's Charities Inc. soon to be Aspire To Thrive Children's Charities Inc. and I am currently lobbying the major companies for more funding. I am always on the look out for ideas to help as our major project is aimed at helping but also education of the public.

I have nothing but respect for the Parents / Caregivers of children with and form of Disability but the trouble with ASD is the children look like spoilt brats in peoples minds and especially in the case of my personal inspiration a 6 year old named Jake. The trouble his parents have with local groups "suggesting" maybe he should be left home etc. The education on these matters is very low and Ignorance in some cases can be quite harmful especially when the children have their routines disrupted.

Our website is and my contact is if you have any suggestions or questions. I also enjoy annoying my local mp. Just kidding he is very helpful and I am sure I can get him on board to assist with information etc.

Project Manager
Incy Wincy Children's Charities Inc.